3D Virtual Tour

Be on top of your market and add a 3D virtual tour to your strategy.

Become the new standard

Integrate on your website

We provide you an embed code for your Website

Compatible with Centris

All of our virtual tours can be embedded on your Centris account

Ready for VR

We prepare your strategy for Virtual Reality

4K HDR Images

Cover up every kind of visibility you can have with HDR Images of your listing.

Marketing Rights

Own the marketing rights for every picture of your listing.

We know time is an asset to you

Everything delivered within 48h

Efficient Process

Every file is saved in our cloud, you'll never lose what you paid for.

Use a GIF to represent your listing

Hack your Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram visibility by adding an awesome GIF of your listing to your feed.

GIFs are easy social posts and can be used in your email campaigns.

ARTHaus Ottawa

3D Mockup Video

Having a virtual tour is already awesome, but you certainly need a way to market it easily. We know the average Real Estate agent is really busy. This is why we offer you a quick video to WOW the heck out of your client.

Use it on your website, social media, email, or even build your local SEO strategy by publishing it on your YouTube channel.


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How Much Does Awesomeness Cost?

Pre-Order and keep track of your purchase at any time.

Good Start

$97save 50$ on pre-order

  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • 3000 sq. ft. or less
  • Embed Code For Website
On the Right Path

$147Save 100$ on Pre-Order

  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Less than 3000 sq.ft.
  • Embed Code For Website
  • 15 – 4K HDR Images
  • 2 Short Videos
  • 1 Gif

$647Save 588$ on Pre-order

  • 5 x 3D Virtual Tours
  • Less than 3000 sq.ft. / listing
  • Embed Code For Website
  • 75- 4K HDR Images
  • 10 Short Videos
  • 5 Gifs
Bold Move

$997Save 1473$ on Pre-order

  • 10 x 3D Virtual Tours
  • Less than 3000 sq.ft. / listing
  • Embed Codes For Website
  • 125 – 4K HDR Images
  • 20 Short Videos
  • 10 Gifs

*The videos offered as a bonus are pre-set and can't be changed.

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